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How do we get paid?

How do we get paid?

How Do We Get Paid? Understanding Our Payment Process

No Upfront Costs—Only Pay When You Succeed!

In the bustling world of real estate and property management, understanding the payment process is crucial for both property owners and managers. One common question we encounter is, "How do we get paid?" Let's dive into our straightforward and risk-free payment process that ensures transparency and trust from the start.

Approval Comes First

Our payment process begins only after a tenant has been approved. We prioritize finding the right tenant for your property, focusing on reliability and long-term tenancy potential. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that only the best, most reliable tenants are approved. This step is vital as it sets the stage for a smooth rental experience.

Deposits and Rent: The Triggers for Payment

Once a tenant is approved, the next steps are critical: the tenant pays their deposit and the first month's rent. These payments are not just part of rental formalities; they are the triggers that activate our payment. We do not receive any payment until these conditions are fulfilled. This policy underscores our commitment to securing tenants who are serious and financially responsible.

Moving In—The Final Step

The final step in the process involves the tenant moving into the property. It's not just about the exchange of keys; it's a confirmation of a successful placement and the beginning of a new tenant-landlord-property manager relationship. Once the tenant has moved in, having paid their deposit and rent, our payment is processed. This ensures that our goals are perfectly aligned with yours—securing a dependable tenant that fulfills their financial and contractual obligations.

Why This Process Benefits You

This payment method is designed to benefit property owners in several ways:

- Risk-Free: You incur no out-of-pocket costs upfront, ensuring that our services are provided at no initial cost to you. We don't get paid until the tenant moves in to the property.
- Aligned Interests: Our earnings are contingent upon successfully placing a paying, reliable tenant in your property. This aligns our interests with yours, focusing on quality over quantity.
- Trust and Transparency: Our process is transparent and straightforward. There are no hidden fees or charges; everything is contingent upon successful tenant placement.

In conclusion, our payment process is designed to ensure that property owners feel secure and supported. We get paid only when you start earning from your property, ensuring a partnership based on trust and mutual success. Whether you're a seasoned property owner or new to the world of rental properties, understanding this process can help you see the benefits of working with a management team that values transparency and success for all parties involved.